2019-2020 HYPE TEAMS and PLAYERS

Updated: August 19, 2019

Welcome to HYPE Basketball.  Below is a list of players that will compete in the 2019-2020 Fall and Winter Session.  If you have any questions please contact Sean Connors (206)501-7583 or hoops@wayouthsports.com


5th Grade HYPE 2027

Colton McCollaogh
Colin McCollaogh
Cody Tonge
Makai Harris
Davios Wroten
Aylen Garrett
Elijah Hester Prentice
Keamore Patterson

Jacob Lawrance

7th Grade HYPE 2025 – 2 teams from this group

Carson Schmidt
Carter Hansen
Dominic Smith
Elijah Jones
Emmanuel Miller
Eric Harris
Harsh Dhillon
Jacob Hurskin
Jeremiah Harshman
Kaiden Pitts
Kevin Locket
Kevin Strothers
Mathew Lawrence
Nehemia Dixon
Xylon McFerrin
Edward jackson
Hunter Lindsay
Quincy Wafer
Ryan Seigars
Seantez Scott

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